I am justice for wildlife is youths group initiative that seeks to be the voice for wildlife especially endangered species. Our vision is to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. Advocate for humane conservation in the broadest sense. Inspire others especially fellow youths and school going children to advance and embrace the cause of conservation. Promote retention of the wild and indigenous nature, responsible travel through Eco-tourism to unique attractions, heritage sites, embrace our diverse cultures and Provide a platform where the dedication of unsung wildlife ambassadors/heroes can be acknowledged and celebrated.

Founded by Abraham Chege Njenga, a renown professional safari guide, wildlife photographer and dedicated wildlife ecologist with a strong passion for conservation. He is a wildlife ranger dedicating his career to protecting our unique wildlife heritage from poachers, traffickers and other threats to their survival.

“Its not enough to understand the natural world, the idea is to defend and preserve it”  – Edward Abbey.